Universal Orlando and Hollywood are Here!

Universal Orlando and Hollywood are Here!

We now offer all three of Universal's US theme parks, Universal Orlando, Universal Studios Hollywood, and Islands of Adventure.   

Known for being the Home of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, King, Kong, The Fast and the Furious, Men in Black, ET. and the first home of Marvel superheroes, these prints capture the twists and turns of it's coasters, the huge studio soundstages, and unique architecture that makes up these parks.  The design is distinctly different than the standard Disney formula of hub and spoke,  The challenges of the parks - lakes in Florida and mountainside in California are incorporated into the designs, creating visual interest.

Visit our site to take a good look at these new pieces!  Each park is available in both 11" x 14" and 24" x 20".

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Does your scape of Universal Hollywood include both levels of the park and City walk?

Michael Siebielec

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