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Universal Studios Hollywood 11" x 14" and 24" x 20"

Universal Studios Hollywood 11" x 14" and 24" x 20"

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We're pleased to bring you the famed original, Universal Studios Hollywood!  The first park in the brand is where it all started on the Universal Studios lot. 

A working studio since 1912, Universal opened its doors as a theme park in 1964. Built on the side of a mountain, some of the most historic sets, soundstages and filming locations are on view for its guests. Due to it's cliffside location, this is the MOST textured print we've ever produced!

Universal is home to the original Hogwarts's Castle, as well as Hogsmeade Village - the weekend retreat of the Wizarding World's finest students!  Shop, eat at the Three Broomsticks and then take a tour of the school. Make sure to soar on the Flight of the Hippogriff past Hagrid's hut! After that, head down the escalator to the lower level of the park for a ride on the famous Universal Studios Tour, escape dinosaurs in Jurassic Park, and, of course, The Mummy!  Back up to the top of the park, explore the world of Kung Fu Panda, help the Minions, watch a performance by the Blues Brothers and learn the secrets of movie making and special effects! Don't forget to stop by Springfield and spend some time with the Simpsons and have a Crusty Burger or a Duffs!

 Our detailed print captures everything from the snowcapped village of Hogsmeade, the textured landscapes, as well as the perilous drop in Jurassic Park and it's all waiting for you in both 11" x 14" and 24" x 20" wall hangings for you to show off above the sofa, in your office, in your family room. 

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