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Stadiums -Lambeau Field Green Bay, WI 3 - Styles

Stadiums -Lambeau Field Green Bay, WI 3 - Styles

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This iconic stadium is home to the Green Bay Packers! A fiercely loyal fandom, Packers are fans for life.   Their origins are commemorated with a walking trail of key places honored with plaques, explaining the rich history of the team and its fans.

Details include the famed Johnsonville Tailgate Village , opened in 2017, it hosts fan celebrations, whether or not you have a game ticket!  The finer architectural detail - such as the multistory atrium at the entrance.  Each ornament has the stadium logo on the back.


12" x 12"

Some places just fit better into a square. Consider that a12x12” is big enough to stand alone on a desk or shelf and small enough that it doesn't look out of place on the wall hanging out with your other favorite vacation experiences. They can be used to create the popular photograph hanging style called "tile galleries".  We've combined them with all four of our other sizes, mixing color and white together for great effects.  It's definitely a unique look.

This print is currently available only in White.  Ask us for current pricing when inquiring about color in this size.

 5" x 5"

 The 5 x 5 prints make a great way to mix and match your favorite vacation experiences.  They can be used to create the popular photograph hanging style called "tile galleries".  We've combined them with our 12 x 12 prints, as well as mixed color and white together for great effects.  Consider mixing and matching with larger tiles for a unique look.

This print is available in your choice of white or Full color. 

Add a Display Stand for $5

Color models are printed to special order, by industrial grade printers using gypsum powder and ink-infused binders. The process can take up to 3 weeks for delivery. Please contact us for current information before ordering.  

 OrnaScapes :

OrnaScapes are a great way to celebrate by sharing your love for your favorite places. and each one comes with 3 ways to display it: a NanoScapes carabiner, a 2 inch ornament hanger, and a 7.5 inch snap-cord for longer hanging.

Available in Silver and Full Color


Our OrnaScapes highlight different locations: Theme Park Attractions, Stadiums, and Venues: anywhere you can think of!  What we make is often guided by your ideas and requests! so your custom orders can help us plan the next release!

We've redesigned our OrnaScapes to be an even better representation of your favorite places! They are thicker, featuring mirrored or translucent backs.  Our Full Color pieces are now created with a nylon powder - reducing chances of breakage.

Now offering Custom Engraving on Full Color OrnaScapes for an additional $5.00

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