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Universal Studios Orlando 11" x 14" and 24" x 20"

Universal Studios Orlando 11" x 14" and 24" x 20"

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Finally, we're pleased to bring you the other titan of Orlando theme parks, Universal Studios Orlando!  Home to the biggest names in Showbiz, Universal has been around for quite awhile.  While the park has gone through many changes, just has Disney has, They still provide something for everyone.  In this park, you'll ride with the Mummy, watch a thrilling Spy adventure, a la the Bourne Spectacular, fly with ET, dance with the Blues Brothers, catch aliens with the Men in Black, and visit the Simpsons in Springfield, having a Crusty Burger or a Duffs!.  Before I forget, you have a chance to visit the Wizarding World in Diagon Alley and search though the vaults at Gringotts.  If you're lucky enough to have a hopper pass to Islands of Adventure (which is also available from our site), you can go to Kings Cross Station and take the Hogwarts's Express through the English and Scottish countryside.

Our detailed print captures everything from the iconic Globe that sits at the entrance, to the dragon perched atop Gringotts, to even Crusty's smiling face and it's all waiting for you in both 11" x 14" and 24" x 20" wall hangings for you to show off above the sofa, in your office, in your family room. 

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