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LA Landmarks - The Hollywood Sign 5" x 5" Hand Painted

LA Landmarks - The Hollywood Sign 5" x 5" Hand Painted


Constructed in 1923 as an advertisement for a new housing development, The Hollywood Sign has spent the last 100 years as the symbol of the Hollywood dream that lures fresh-faced talent hoping to get their break in TV, music, and motion pictures. It's one of the largest "welcome mats" in the United States and a must see for anyone with stars in their eyes.

While you can't get too close to it, you can see it from several official locations at the base of Mount Lee, the Ovation Hollywood, and from the Griffith Observatory - also in our Landmarks Collection.

Our print is designed to get you a little bit closer to this inspirational bit of engineering. Note the support grids, which have held the letters in place since its 1978 restoration.

Many dreams have been inspired by it. Maybe yours will, too.

5" x 5"

 The 5 x 5 prints make a great way to mix and match your favorite vacation experiences.  This piece is best displayed flat, to get the full 3D effect of the sign.

This unique print is made using a sand-colored resin and then hand painted to highlight the sign and terrain.   


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