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LA Landmarks - Griffith Observatory 5" x 5"

LA Landmarks - Griffith Observatory 5" x 5"

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Since it's opening in 1935, the Griffith Observatory has never faltered in promoting the sciences to the citizens of Los Angeles. 

In 1912, Griffith J. Griffith directed scientists and architects to construct an Observatory, to fulfill his dreams of bringing science to the public. Using the Rancho Los Felis lands that he donated to the City of Los Angeles in 1896 to form Griffith Park, Griffith tasked that the telescopes and exhibit halls were to be specially curated by scientists, to insure that LA residents receive the best information available.

The Observatory houses a number of telescopes In the East and West Domes. The Ziess telescopes, in the East, are used for night viewing - the original installed in 1935 and the other, added on in 1955 to further research.  The three Solar Telescopes and Coleostat are in the West Dome and are used for daytime viewing. The central dome hosts a Planetarium considered the best in the world.

Our print details the Observatory's architecture.  The Los Feliz face shows how securely the observatory was built into the crest of Mount Hollywood.  The entrance gives only a glimpse of the massive structure, which provides outstanding panoramic views of the Los Angeles.  A visit you will definitely want to remember. 



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