About us

Everyone has a special place: places that stir memories - places for life changing events. If you have a favorite vacation spot, an alma mater, the stadium where you saw your first game, a longing for a hometown, then you have an instant idea for a gift. The Grand Californian Hotel sits lovingly above our desk, because that's where we married over 20 years ago.  Thus NanoScapes 3D Prints began with on our own enjoyment of vacation memories .

Ian thought he could appeal to the loyal enthusiasts of memorable vacations and family fun. This is what made him realize that he could turn his 3D printing hobby into a business. Sure, there were folks that we're making 3D prints of interesting city architecture, like New York and Chicago, but no one focused on theme parks. Therefore. we got our start specializing in Disney. After all, first visits to the Walt Disney World or Disneyland are the memories of dreams come true! As our custom print requests grew, we started expanding into all sorts of places:  landmarks, golf courses, work and college campuses, and stadiums.

Memories of the places in our prints bring us joy. If our prints allow us to share that feeling with others, then we're successful. If we can encourage others to spread some of that love to the families served by Give Kids the World - our company's selected charity, then that's the gravy on the mashed potatoes.

Take a look at our store and if you can't find something you like, message us. We will custom design most anything we haven't created yet. It gives us a reason to create more memories for you to relive every day.