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Disneyland Fantasyland West 5” x 5”

Disneyland Fantasyland West 5” x 5”

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This print features the other side of the parade route, known as Fantasyland East.  Here, you'll not only relive all the joy of riding the Matterhorn Bobsleds, and It’s a Small World, but travel in all sorts of the famed Disneyland intertwined kinetic transportation methods that are shared with Tomorrowland The most fascinating feature of this park area is the elegance in which the modes of transportation wind their ways both above and below each other, creating the feel of constant motion within the piece, created by the Autopia, the Nemo and Friends Submarines, and the Monorail, which  boards right above the Nemo queue. This print goes seamlessly as a companion to the Fantasyland East print – including a merger of the monorail tracks.

The 5 x 5 prints make a great way to mix and match your favorite vacation experiences.  They can be used to create the popular photograph hanging style called "tile galleries".  We've combined them with our 12 x 12 prints, as well as mixed color and white together for great effects.

This print is available in your choice of white or color.  Color models are printed to special order, by industrial grade printers using gypsum powder and ink-infused binders.  Due to this process, pricing is variable. Please contact us for current pricing before ordering. 

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