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OrnaScapes - Disneyland Matterhorn

OrnaScapes - Disneyland Matterhorn

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With each look, you'll relive all the joy of riding the Matterhorn Bobsleds - Disneyland's third mountain.  Opened in 1959, the world's first tubular steel roller coaster was inspired by Disney’s film 3rd Man on the Mountain and built on a picnicking area called Snow Hill!

Look for the two bobsled tracks, the splash pools, and the Swiss Chalet that is the loading queue! See if you can find the area that was originally designed for the Skyway to pass right through the mountainside!

Now offering Custom Engraving for an additional $5.00

Choose from White, Silver, and Full Color

OrnaScapes are a great way to celebrate by sharing your love for your favorite places. and each one comes with 3 ways to display it: a NanoScapes carabiner, a 2 inch ornament hanger, and a 7.5 inch snap-cord for longer hanging.

Our OrnaScapes highlight different locations: Theme Park Attractions, Stadiums, and Venues: anywhere you can think of!  What we make is often guided by your ideas and requests! so your custom orders can help us plan the next release!

We've redesigned our OrnaScapes to be an even better representation of your favorite places! They are thicker, featuring mirrored or translucent backs.  Our Full Color pieces are now created with a nylon powder - reducing chances of breakage.


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