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Angels Stadium CoasterScapes

Angels Stadium CoasterScapes

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CoasterScapes are a great way to show your love for your favorite stadiums !

Since 1966, Anaheim Stadium, Home to the California Angels of the ABL has been reinvented twice to become the present day Angel Stadium for the Los Angeles Angels.

 In 1981, it was rebuilt into a multi-use stadium, housing both the Los Angeles Rams teams ad the Angels. after the Rams left, Disney purchased the Angels and Imagineering removed all traces of the NFL, creating Edison Field. The team changed hands again and "of Anaheim” was added to both names.

Highlights of this piece are the two iconic baseball hat structures that flank the Home Plate Gate, as well as the California Spectacular (aka The Rockpile) which pays homage to the stadium's views of local mountains, The design allows for the both water effects and the teams traditional in-game fireworks launches.

Due to its proximity, many have included a visit to Angel Stadium as a "Day 6" extension to their Disneyland and Los Angeles vacation!

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