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Yankee Stadium CoasterScapes

Yankee Stadium CoasterScapes

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CoasterScapes are a great way to show your love for your favorite stadiums !

Nestled in the Bronx, along the Metro North Rail tracks is the 2nd home of the New York Yankees.  Built next to the original Yankee Stadium, the new venue was designed to mirror the original 1923 exterior, with its trademark frieze/facade which tops the upper walls, supporting the "upper deck's roof".  

Notable details include the "Black Bleachers", the 3rd largest HD Scoreboard in the world, the Kentucky Bluegrass field, and the more symmetrical right field, design.  The inclusion of Subway tracks, highlights the architecture of the Park and identifies it immediately.  It's history is on display in the Grand Hall concourse, The New York Yankees Museum, and Monument Park.

All of these details make a Yankees game a unique experience that you can relive through our CoasterScapes!

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