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Custom Order - 11" x 14"

Custom Order - 11" x 14"


Cant find what you want?  We don't seem to have your favorite attraction or resort listed? Look no further. 

Most of our resorts, EPCOT, and products we haven't designed yet and may theme parks fit into an 11" x 14" format. 

 At Nanoscapes, we look into every challenge (unless the source data is simply not available (as in Disneyland Hong Kong and Shanghai...)  Tell us what you're looking for and we'll help you find a solution in every size we sell.  Once you place your order, send us a message here on the site and we will get back to you as soon as possible,  If your desired attraction would fit better in a different size, we'll figure it out after computing the data.  If you need it by a certain time, no problem.  we will work with you through ever step of the process and if it's something we cant achieve, we'll let you know.


11" x 14"

Most places are wider than they look: artistically it best translates into an 11" x 14". We'll let you know if your choice is correct before starting your print.  Converting to 12' x 12" reduces costs by $20, due to the amount of resin used and the smaller frame.

An 11x14 is big enough to stand alone on a desk or shelf and small enough that tit doesn't look out of place on the wall Consider that 11x14 is big enough to stand alone on a desk or shelf and small enough that they don't look out of place on the wall hanging out with your other favorite vacation experiences. They can be used to create the popular photograph hanging style called "tile galleries".  We've combined them with all four of our other sizes, mixing color and white together for great effects.  It's definitely a unique look.

This print is currently available only in White.  Ask us for current pricing when inquiring about color in this size.

 Now let's get designing!

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