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Just in Time for the Holidays!

Disney California Adventure CarsLand 5" x 5"

Disney California Adventure CarsLand 5" x 5"

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We are proud to bring you 5 x 5 inch replicas from Disney California Adventure Park. Our 5x5 format allows us to let you relive your experiences at the one land that can never be replicated in any other park - CarsLand.  The warmth of Radiator Springs is evident in each Cozy Cone, the Casa del Tires, Surplus Hut, and the Body Art Shop,  While you can't relive your adventures in Mater's Salvage Yard, you can cruise down the main drag, grab a bite a Flo's and hear some of her classic hits until you head through Ornament Valley to your own private race.    The details in our print show that your race is much longer than it seems, as is the length of the queue.  Additional views give you an idea of how expansive CarsLand feels despite little ununsed space there is between it and the Pacific Wharf area  - the same building houses Flo's Kitchen, as well as Ghiradelli's and the Lucky Fortune Cookery.

Color printing provides another layer of interest to this piece by adding the destinctive atmosphere in this area.  The vibrant colors contrast well with the spacious desert and Cadillac Mountains.  And don't forget that picture you took standing at the entrance under Willy's Butte!

This print is available in your choice of white or color.  Color models are printed to special order, by industrial grade printers using gypsum powder and ink-infused binders.  Due to this process, pricing is variable. Please contact us for current pricing before ordering. 

 Consider mixing and matching with smaller tiles for a Gallery effect!

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