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Just in Time for the Holidays!

Disney Hollywood Studios Toy Story Land - Pizza Planet Edition

Disney Hollywood Studios Toy Story Land - Pizza Planet Edition

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We are proud to introduce our first collaboration piece!   An idea born of Clark from MouseMakers on Instagram and made possible by Bev from Queenbevscreations on Etsy,

Hidden inside Bev's amazing replica of the Pizza Planet's take out box is a miniature print of Toy Story Land in Disney's Hollywood Studios.  In fact, two of the most popular attractions in The Studios are located here - Toy Story Mania and Slinky Dog Dash.  Opened in 2008, this family friendly, Rootin, Tootin, Shootin Gallery has shrunk down thousands of families to play with Andy's friends.  

After achieving your prize armadillo, exploring the rest of Toy Story Land is a must.  You really feel like you've become one of the toys! When you're ready, head over to ride on the back of Slinky Dog as he dashes over and under Legos and bushes in the Andy's back yard. The Aliens will call you to their Swirling Saucers, but you might want to grab a bite at Woody's Lunch Box first.  The detail in this land in such a perfect package will make a great companion to any of your other Nanoscapes!

 We can produce a color version .at your request.  Color models are printed to special order, by industrial grade printers using gypsum powder and ink-infused binders.  Due to this process, pricing is variable. Please contact us for current pricing before ordering. This process can take up to 3 weeks for delivery.  

We will have three color versions in stock for $145 time for the holidays!



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